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Guide to making a working hovercar

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Guide to making a working hovercar

Post  flamesterart on Fri Oct 15, 2010 5:25 am

this is my guide, i created it myself, and i have made two hovercars using this method. hope it helps you make yours.
First thing is to get a block of a light material, like cardboard, and make the shape of the ship you want, Image we'll use the frame for the original which i made, as shown above, make sure that there are flat planes on the bottom, a place for sackboy to stand, and is not too small, which would make it difficult to control. once you have that, put a small circle of sponge near where sackboy is to stand, so that he can activate the hovercar, and don't forget to put your grab switch on the sponge, heres an example, Image, once you have that done, get three rockets and place them away from the car, make them smaller, and then lower the power to about one sixth max power, and then place one on either end, and one in the center, make sure the end ones are facing slightly outwards, so that they push against each other when on, and that the back one is facing more horizontally <---> than the front one, then hook up the switch. Image once that is done, you begin the calibration process, (which i will warn you now is difficult and very, vey frustrating), get in and test the car, just to see if they are miraculously already calibrated, if not, then every time after you test it, add a couple of taps of the d-pad arrow to increase the power of each rocket, make sure it is by the same amout for each. once you start to get off the ground, you should notice that one side is stronger than the other, lower the power of the stronger side by one d-pad arrow hit to the left, and increase the right by a small amount using the anologue stick. continue to fidgit around with each of the rocket's power until it can hover for approx. five seconds without tipping quickly to one side or the other, make sure that sackboy isn't leaning toward either side, tugging on the sponge, which can also cause tipping. After you have everything so that it floats and drifts, or glides forward, you have it calibrated correctly, you can start learning how to control it, to control it, make sackboy push or pull on the sponge he's grabbing to make it lean in that direction, which makes it move in that direction, while doing this, you can learn the flip limits, which is the angle at which the car flips, after a bit of testing, it gets very simple to drive. Another tip, longer skinnier body styles are easier to handle, because it is more balanced.

As you can see it is a long and complicated process, but i have made three different models using this method, so i know it works. it is time consuming, and it is very frustrating. but if yoyu perservere, you should come out with a working hovercar.

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